The Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families is a non-profit policy and advocacy organization focused on improving the well-being of young children and their families in our state. 

Louisiana Partnership's 
Legislative Wrap-Up & Annual Meeting

The Legislative Wrap-Up and Annual Meeting were held on June 16, 2016 in Port Allen, LA. The meeting also served as the official monthly meeting of the Louisiana Children's Cabinet Advisory Board. The following documents were shared at the meeting:

Opening welcome:
Marketa Garner Walters,
Louisiana DCFS Secretary

Carmen Weisner,
Louisiana Partnership Board President

James Gilmore, Ph.D.,
Louisiana Children's Cabinet Executive Director


Legislative Panel Members:
      • Ashley Shelton, One Voice Louisiana
      • Rachel Gassert, Louisiana Center for Children's Rights
      •  James Gilmore, Ph.D., Loiusiana Children's Cabinet
      • Sherry Guarisco, Louisiana Partnership for Children & Families
      • Sandra Adams, Retired Health Care Lobbyist
      • Carmen Weisner, NASW-Louisiana Chapter

 Michael Tipton, Blue Cross Blue Shield  Foundation and Sherry Guarisco, Louisiana  Partnership


  Jan Moller, Louisiana Budget Project 

 David Britt, Incoming Board President &  Executive Director of United Way of Central  Louisiana and Carmen Weisner, Retiring Board  President and Executive Director of NASW-  Louisiana Chapter

Closing Remarks:

Sherry Guarisco, 
Louisiana Partnership for Children & Families
James Gilmore, Ph.D.,
Louisiana Children's Cabinet

Strengthening Advocacy for Children & Families! 

Regional Meetings were recently held at nine locations across the state. Thank you to the hosts and attendees for their support and participation in the meetings. We discussed:
  • Legislative Update from the 2016 Special Session (February 14-March 9)
  • Review of Bills filed for the 2016 Regular Legislative Session (March 14-June 6)
  • Advocacy Tools
  • Networking with Regional Leaders
The presentation PowerPoint and materials that were distributed to all the attendees can be found here:
Additional information shared at the meetings from Louisiana Youth Justice Coalition:

Our legislators will be working through all of the proposed bills for this year. The Partnership will also be tracking their progress. If you are interested in watching specific bills or learning more about them, you can go online to the Louisiana Legislature website or you can read the weekly update on bills that the Louisiana Partnership prepares. The Partnership is tracking bills impacting children & families. The weekly update will be sent out to our members.

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The Louisiana Platform for Children offers a series of policy briefs outlining issues affecting children and proposing sound recommendations for ways in which to improve outcomes in the areas of child health, child welfare/foster care, early childhood education, social emotional development, juvenile justice and family economic stability.

Read the full Platform for Children Report or the executive summary.  

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Platform Meeting in Monroe on the News (includes embedded advertising from television station):

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The Raising of America Series: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation

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It’s often said a society can be measured by how well it attends to its children—their health and safety, their material security, their education and socialization, and their sense of being loved and valued by their families and communities.

So how is it that children in the U.S. have worse outcomes on most measures of health, education and well-being than other rich nations? How can we do better?

The Raising of America takes us inside the brain and brings to life recent scientific research that reveals how early experiences, beginning in the womb, can alter brain architecture and developmental trajectories. Through the stories of families from different walks of life, we discover how the lack of paid parental leave and high-quality affordable childcare, stagnant wages and overcrowded housing, depression and social exclusion, and perhaps most of all the time crunch, too often undermine the efforts of parents and caregivers struggling to provide the nurturing environments all children need to thrive.

By exploring how things got this way—the history of U.S. child and family policy over the past century, the victories as well as the defeats—The Raising of America seeks to better understand what stands in the way of progress, and what we can do better. The film lifts up those struggling to make good on a vision where all our children matter, all are nurtured and all have opportunities to thrive. 

For more information, click here

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