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February is National Parent Leadership Month

February 01, 2015 10:43 AM | Anonymous

February is National Parent Leadership Month!  The FRIENDS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is excited to offer you the following resources to recognize and celebrate the parents in your state, community and local programs!  These materials are available in both English and Spanish..

  • National Parent Leadership Month certificate:  A customizable award that you can download and fill in for the parent leaders you are recognizing throughout February  (English) (Spanish)
  • A Recipe for Growth:  An example of how to nurture and develop parent leaders (English) (Spanish)
  • Tips for Practitioners:  Insights and wisdom from the PAC on what has helped them grow in their leadership role as well as suggestions of how parents and practitioners can join together to support parent leadership (English) (Spanish)
In addition, the FRIENDS PAC encourages you to consider these links to other resources to assist you with supporting, recognizing and celebrating parent leadership:

The FRIENDS NC for CBCAP website offers materials, information and resources to support parent engagement and leadership.  Use the link below:


You may use the following link to explore a variety of materials available for print or scroll down to the list below to click and view the various parent support and leadership print resources FRIENDS has available for download.


Parent Support

Meaningful Parent Leadership: A Guide for Success
Promising Practices in Parent Involvement Annotated Bibliography
The Role of Parent Mutual Support
Parent Education
Parent Leadership Ambassador Training Guide

Parent Leadership Ambassador Training Participant Guide
Circle of Parents (English)
Circle of Parents (Spanish)
Core Principles of Parent Support Groups
Parent Engagement and Leadership
Parent Leadership Development Checklist
Successful Strategies of Parent Leadership
Circle of Parent Leadership
Families as Primary Partners in their Child's Development and School Readiness
Successful Models of Parent Leadership

Additional resources including Public Service Announcements, media strategies and talking points are available by clicking the link to the Parents Anonymous NPLM toolkit:


If you, or someone you know, is hosting a parent leadership event during February including  recognizing individual parent leaders, let the FRIENDS PAC know by emailing parentlove@yahoo.com.  The PAC will be highlighting your National Parent Leadership Month activities and recognized parents  in an upcoming Parent /  Practitioner newsletter!


MaryJo Alimena Caruso, M.Ed.

T/TA Coordinator


Phone: 724.591.5448



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